Long-Term Car Rental Rates

Whether you’re taking an extended vacation, driving across the country, or simply wanting to tack on a few leisurely weekend getaways during a monthlong business trip, Flames Car Rental in Belize offers long-term car rentals and options to rent a car monthly. 

Long-term and monthly car rentals are for travelers looking for the ease and flexibility that come with renting a vehicle for more than 30 days. Explore, discover, and move around without needing to rebook a rental car each week. If you know when and where you will need your monthly car rental, book your long-term vehicle today.

Reasons for Monthly and Long-Term Car Rentals

There are many reasons why a long-term rental might be a smart option to consider. Check out the list below for frequent scenarios that have prompted many of our customer to consider monthly car rentals:

Extended Trips and Vacations: The best trips are those that offer the most time and opportunity to relax and explore. When you’ve booked a trip for up to a month or longer, enjoy the convenience of a long-term car rental to get you to all those adventurous places you want to be during your time off.

Car Replacement: Car accidents and breakdowns are unfortunate, but they do happen. If you’re in a pinch while getting the family car repaired, an affordable monthly car rental can provide the security, comfort, and convenience you and your family need.

Seasonal work: Sometimes jobs require flexibility – which means opportunities to stay for a month in another city for a project, or temporarily relocating for a season or two. A long-term car rental is a great solution to the flexibility you need.

Overall Savings: If you’re in need of a rental car for longer than the average rental period, a monthly or long-term car rental turns out to be more affordable than a short-term lease or several shorter rentals.

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